Dads are the ultimate jugglers, from pancakes made to order to Sunday evening storytime. To honor all of the cool dudes in our life, we want you to meet nine New York City dads that inspire us. From teaching kids about healthy food to bringing design-forward kids’ gear to the marketplace, these dads are committed to spending as much time with their kids as they can and are, ultimately, redefining what it means to be a dad today.

Charles Scott

A father of two, Charles quit his job at Intel in 2011to do something most dads only dream about: He became a writer and family adventurer. And we’re not talking about hiking through Central Park. Charles has taken his son, Sho, 12, and daughter Saya, 6, on endurance challenges around the world, linking those trips to charitable causes, and then writing about those experiences on his blog Family Adventure Guy. "When I worked at Intel, I was challenged and excited by my career, but always felt a tension with my desire to be more present as a dad," says Charles, who lives with his family in Kips Bay. His new life began a week after he stopped working at Intel when he, Sho and Saya embarked on a 46-day cycling trip around the circumference of Iceland, with his wife joining the family for the final three weeks of the ride. Hikes are the most fun for Charles and co. "There’s something remarkable about being surrounded by sounds that are literally billions of years old—flowing water, the breeze through a canopy of leaves and sharing my children's excitement as they discover cool plants, insects, and animals,” he says. “It's a reminder that we are deeply connected to everything around us."

Biggest personal accomplishment: "When I was 13, I ran a marathon with my father. It was too much for me and I came in last place, but I didn't give up and my dad was proud of me for the effort. That experience showed me the confidence and joy that can come from setting a hard goal and persevering. This experience definitely informed my decision to take my kids on all these crazy adventures."

Biggest professional accomplishment: "I'm most proud of writing the book Rising Son: A Father and Son's Bike Adventure Across Japan. I wasn't sure if I had the ability to write a book, and although it took longer than I thought it would, I was pleased with the result.  It’s my gift to my son and I'm now working on a second book that includes my daughter and is all about girl power."


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Written by: Lambeth Hochwald