Some kids decide what they want to be for Halloween in February; some flip-flop ’til the last minute. Others are babies and have no say in the matter — the best, right? Still more have 18 Halloween events and need to switch it up between gigs. Whatever the situation in your household, we’ve got ideas. Some have been executed on kids and adults (or dogs), some need a crafty, creative — and in a few cases, slightly cheeky — parent like yourself to make them a reality. All will crush. Click through for NYC costumes that truly represent Big Apple life.

King Kong Tableau

Have a few trick or treaters you need to outfit? A trio of the Empire State Building, King Kong and damsel in distress (or not) is a formidable ensemble. This particular iteration is the work of Ashley Bailey, the inspired Atlanta area photographer and mom behind the site "Stellaween." The month-long celebration of October's biggest day started with Bailey dressing and documenting daughter Stella in a new homemade costume each day, with a pair of twins joining in a few years ago. (You can see Bailey's shots of other people's kids at her site, September Morn Photography.)

photo: Ashley Bailey

What’s your favorite NYC-inspired costume for kids? Share it in the comments! 

— Mimi O’Connor