Being a mom isn’t easy. Rewarding — yes. But easy? Not a chance. And that’s why we all need a little boost, shoulder to cry on or at the very least a non-judgmental wink from the other mamas out there. Pink may be a famous celeb, but that doesn’t exempt her from all of the mommy challenges that the rest of us regular ol’ folks experience on a daily basis. During a trip to the grocery store (yes, Pink does her own grocery shopping just like we do), she got the mama validation that we all need.

Jameson Moon Hart 12.26.16

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Pink isn’t perfect. Hey, none of us are. In July she was seriously mommy-shamed for posting a pic on Instagram that featured her cooking with her kids. While plenty of people applauded the multi-tasking mama, others trolled her for wearing baby Jameson in a front-facing carrier near the kitchen stove.

Oh, but the mommy-shaming didn’t stop there. A few months later the internet was quick to judge the singer for posting a pic of her son sitting on a skateboard without a helmet. Keep in mind, the little guy was only 10-month-old and was never really “skateboarding.”

Instead of insulting her mommying skills, a fellow mother stopped Pink, mid-shopping, to tell her, “some nice words about how she gets strength” from Pink’s parenting. Why? Well, because Pink isn’t afraid to mess up (okay, okay, the real language was a bit more colorful) while parenting publicly.

In a tweet, Pink noted that she and the other mother cried together, adding, “It’s so hard. Y’all. I wish us mamas could give ourselves and each other a break.” So true!

Have you ever found strength from another mother’s actions? Share your story in the comments below.