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Pier Park

Under Cover: 9 Shaded Playgrounds to Try

Take cover at these shaded playgrounds that offer a little something for everyone.

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5 Farms for Summer Birthdays Around Portland

Take a hayride, pick some berries or go fishing for your little one’s next birthday.

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Pick a CSA from Our Fresh List

Whether your farm of choice is seasonal or year-round, read on for some farm fresh choices hand-picked just for you.

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recess monkey hot air album

June Tunes: Recess Monkey & Red Yarn Release New Albums

Recess Monkey and Red Yarn release two new albums this month and debut them live. Go see them!

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Marlynn Schotland - Urban Bliss Life

Get Cookin’ With These 7 Food Blogs by Portland Parents

These Portland bloggers just may inspire your dinner plans tonight.

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Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races

10 Things You HAVE to Do in June

Dragon boat races, a Scandinavian Festival and giant ships roar into town. Here’s where to catch our top picks for June.

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Ferris Wheel

Blue Ribbon State & County Fairs to Visit This Summer

Petting zoos, blue ribbon pies, high-flying thrill rides and deep-fried everything. Find out what fairs you must check out this summer.

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Cast Your Lines: 10 Kid-Friendly Fishing Holes

Here are 10 of the best spots for teaching your kids to cast a line and fish up a day of fun.

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You Better Believe It! Ripley’s Comes to OMSI

Don’t just believe Ripley — understand the how, why and science behind all his mysterious finds at OMSI’s newest exhibit!

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Laughter & Lemonade

Just Opened: Laughter & Lemonade

Play dress up, hear fanciful stories, do crafts and have a tea party all in this new space.

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Garage Sale

Score Bargains at These 6 Neighborhood Garage Sales

Go on a treasure hunt with these summer neighborhood garage sales the whole family can get into.

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17 Free (& Fun!) Summer Activities

Leave your wallet at home for a summer of fun that won’t cost you a dime.

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telegraph.co.uk via creative commons http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01611/PF-apps_1611873b.jpg Launched by Portland dads Oscar Godson and Adam Bickford, Piggybank makes it easier for kids to complete their chores around the house—and for their parents to give them their allowance. Through the Piggybank app, parents can create and assign a chore list for the entire family, designate dollar amounts for each task and receive notifications when chores have been completed or need to be reviewed. Piggybank even has a feature that allows kids to upload photos of their completed tasks to ensure they were done correctly. And as an easy, hassle-free reward, your kids will receive their allowance in the form of a Piggybank debit card at the end of each month to use as they wish.

10 Essential Apps for Portland Parents

These handy Portland apps will keep you organized and informed.

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kids berry picking

Strawberry Fields Forever: U-Pick Farms We Love

From a Sauvie Island gem to a quaint barn-side field, Portland’s local farms invite you to enjoy a bumper crop of fun.

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Party Time! 6 Outdoor Birthday Destinations

Ready to party? Check out these outdoor spots for a sunny, summertime birthday.

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