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Bonneville Hatchery

Smart Starts! Brain-Stimulating Outings for Kids

Learning about science, nature and history can be super fun if you know where to go. Here are our picks for brainy outings with your kids.

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Ballroom Dance Company

Beyond Ballet: Alternative Dance Classes for Beginners

From hula to hip hop, here are seven alternative dance studios to check out. Go ahead — trip the light fantastic.

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4 Fall Family Road Trips

Whale-watching, camping, sledding down giant hills are all part of these fun family trips within two hours of Portland.

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Green Bean Books

6 Great Bookstores for Pint-Sized Bookworms

Help develop your kids’ reading and language skills while supporting local small businesses at these indy bookstores.

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52brandnew.com via Flickr Creative Commons http://52brandnew.com/2012/09/04/7-best-experiences-for-fall-fun-and-learning/

Our Picks for U-Pick Apple Orchards to Visit This Fall

U-pick apple orchards are just a stone’s throw away. Here are six great ones to visit this fall.

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West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta

5 Harvest Festivals for Major Fall Fun

Hayrides, pumpkins and apples only come around for a short time. Here are the best ways to celebrate the autumn harvest with your family.

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Community Music Center

Turn Up the Volume With These 6 Noteworthy Music Schools

Get your budding musician started on the road to becoming the next Beethoven with one of these six fun schools that cater to kids.

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Veggie Grill

Eat Your Veggies: 5 Vegetarian Restaurants With Kids’ Menus

From carrot sticks and hummus, to vegan mac and cheese, there are plenty of meat-less dining options for your fam in Portland.

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Take Flight: Inside Portland’s Best Bird-Watching Bash

Thousands of Vaux Swifts are all set to create their swirling bird tornado as they drop into the chimney every evening in September.

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Kelley Gardiner

Meet the Portland Writers & Discover Their Picks for Fall Fun

From pumpkin patches to Blazers games, here’s what our Portland writers are looking forward to this fall.

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Goodbye, Witching Hour: 30 Days of After School Activities

Check out Red Tricycle’s calendar that is full of activities perfect for after school afternoons.

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The Dessert Tray

Let Them Eat Cake! Best Bakeries for Autumn Birthday Cakes

From Curious George-shaped cakes to ganache-covered masterpieces, here’s where to find the best cakes for your favorite little person’s fall birthday party.

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Birdhouse Building with Grandpa

5 Low-Key Activities Kids Can Do With Grandparents

Little ones and grandparents alike will approve of these five fun outings to celebrate Grandparents Day.

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Eb and Bean

Just Opened: 4 New Eastside Food Stops to Try

Get the scoop on four new hot spots that just opened on the east side of the river.

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Modern Domestic

Stitchin’ Time: Sewing Classes for Kids

Unlock a new form of artistic expression with these fun beginners’ sewing classes, workshops and camps just for kids.

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