Portland Restuarants: The Best Mexican Food for Kids

With so many Best Mexican in Portland, Portland Restaurants, Best Portland Restaurant, Meican food in portland, family friendly restaurantsMexican restaurants in Portland, it can seem impossible to figure out which ones are the best for dining with kids, so we’ve narrowed it down for you! Try these picks for family friendly dining when you’re craving some delicious Mexican food in Portland.

Best Taco Truck to grab some tacos to-go for an afternoon at the beach: El Nutri Taco
Don’t be put off by the fact that this taco truck is parked in someone’s front yard – not only does El Nutri Taco have a delicious menu, perfect for grabbing meals to-go after a long day or on the way to the park for the evening, they also offer a ton of vegan options! Yes, a taco truck that’s vegan. The kid’s menu is cheap ($2.50 maximum) and healthy. 8438 Southeast Woodstock Blvd.

Best high-end (but still kid-friendly!) Mexican for when you’re feeling like some gourmet Mexican food: Fonda Rosa
If you’re in the market for some Mexican food with class, Fonda Rosa is the place for you. The food is incredible – the menu takes the Mexican restaurant standards to a whole new level – and families will feel welcome dining here. Be fairly warned that Fonda Rosa isn’t the cheapest place on the block (no bottomless baskets of chips and salsa here), but the food is high quality and the service is exceptional. 108 Northeast 28th Ave.

Best for quick service when the kids are antsy: El Burrito Loco #3
Mexican food via drive-through that’s not fast-food? Yes, please! El Burrito Loco has three locations in Portland, but this is our pick for those nights when you need to grab dinner, maybe on the way home from soccer practice, but don’t want to commit to a full, sit-down meal. Servings are huge at El Burrito Loco, so order something for the little ones to split. 3126 Northeast 82nd Ave.

Best for the yummiest refried beans in Portland: Boulevard Tacos
Everyone has their own standards for refried beans, but when we asked around, the beans at Boulevard Tacos in Portland came up over and over again! Plus, they get bonus points for being reasonably priced, having super quick service and always having floors that are spotless (because you know your three-year old will drop his fork on the ground six times, right?). 1942 North Rosa Parks Way.

Best place to meet up with friends on a Friday night: Si Senor Family Mexican Restaurant
Don’t be fooled by the fact that Si Senor is hidden in a strip mall next to Fred Meyers – Portland locals rave about the exceptional service at this family friendly spot and it’s a favorite for a last minute dinner get together with other families. The staff at Si Senor is always accommodating and service is quick, even with the largest groups. 4820 Southwest 76th Ave.

Best spot for mom and dad to enjoy a margarita while the kids have dinner: Cha! Cha! Cha!
Every parent knows that one of the best skills you can have as a parent is to be a good multi-tasker. And what better multi-tasking than feeding your kids a healthy, delicious dinner while you enjoy one of the best margaritas in Portland? Everyone loves Cha! Cha! Cha! on Hawthorne, not only for the margaritas and great food, but also for their commitment to being a locally owned, sustainable restaurant. It’s also great on a warm summer evening—the back patio is the perfect spot for eating outside! 3433 Southeast Hawthorne Blvd.

Did we miss your family’s favorite Mexican dining spot in Portland? Share it will us in the comments below!

– Katie Kavulla