You might not be a duchess, but that doesn’t mean your kiddos are that different from Prince William’s and Kate’s littles. The royal kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte may lead a charmed life, but they’re still kids, just like ours are. Sure, they’re pint-sized jet-setters. And yeah, someday one of them will sit on a throne. Even though they’re royalty, that doesn’t mean these tots aren’t totally into the same things that every other kid is.

The magic that a uniformed officer holds for a kiddo is beyond compare. To just about every young child, the police are IT. They dress-up in blues and a badge and act out good guy vs. bad guy scenes. Well, as it turns out Prince George is totally into playing police. While speaking with the winners of the Metropolitan Police Excellence Awards at Kensington Palace, Prince William noted that his son has shown an interest in the uniformed officers.


Not only has the young prince shown an interest in the police, but he reportedly asked for only one Christmas present last year — a police car.

So if George is all about the police, what’s little sis Charlotte into? According to her royal dad, she loves dancing.

Do your kids have a current activity or other obsession? Share your story with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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