With kids, there’s rarely a dull moment in the conversation but we’ve got some ways to keep your company guessing, laughing and maybe even coming back for more. Here are our favorite facts we’ve gathered on subject from submarines to Babe Ruth to reindeer. Scroll down to learn more.

The Farm on Adderley
photo: Melanie H via Yelp

1. The world’s longest French fry is 34 inches, discovered at Taffy’s Hot Dog Stand in Buffalo, NY by diner John Benbenek in July of 2010. To read more delightful-but-useless facts about French fries click here.

2. Many people believe that early mermaid sightings can be attributed to dehydration + manatees. Learn even more about the amazing manatee

Babe_Ruth_1922photo: Wikimedia commons (pd) 

3. You know him as Babe Ruth, others call him the Home Run King and still others, The Sultan of Swat. Be impressed with 18 other things you should know about one of the greatest baseball players in history.

4. Is spontaneous combustion actually real? Find out.

Garlic Festival - Gilroy, Ca (July 25-27)photo: Jason Riedy via flickr

5. You’ve heard of garlic fries and roasted garlic, but have you considered garlic ice cream?

6. Did you know that each dolphin has its own signature whistle? They communicate using an exchange of clicks, whistles and squeaks. They can make up to 1000 clicking noises per second! Want more dolphin facts? Check out this story.

7. It is not made of cheese, however some of the other rumors you’ve heard about the moon are totally true. Learn more

sloth-ggphoto: Thowra_uk via flickr 

8. Oh, the beloved sloth. This slow-moving creature actually cultivates its own algae. Find out why.

9. What, you’ve never heard an ostrich roar? Here’s a menagerie of other wacky animal facts to keep you guessing.  

10. Pablo Picasso started art school at the age of 10-years-old. Get inspired with more fascinating facts about famous doodlers.

yellow submarine, liverpoolphoto: Mark Healy via flickr 

11. Have you ever heard of a pedal-powered submarine? We’ve got the scoop plus more tidbits about underwater crafts. 

12. Did you know that you can actually smell 10,000 different smells? We bet you can’t name them all. Click here to learn more about the power of scent.

13. Reindeer aren’t all about sleigh rides: they actually grow beards in the winter to help them forage in snow. Check out this link to find out more cool reindeer facts.


What other cool facts do you want to share today? 

—Amber Guetebier