Living in the Bay Area has lots of perks but it doesn’t always include enough space to grow your own garden’s worth of vegetables. Lucky for us we’ve got Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs in abundance, allowing families farm-direct access to the full spectrum of fresh fruits, veggies and grains delivered right to your door. Click through to see all our fresh picks for best CSA boxes!

Good Eggs

The familiar name in the game is now offering a hybrid CSA combined with Dinner Meal Kits. They've dubbed the box: "Take Back Dinner." It's a balanced combo of produce + pantry + protein, as well. There's the freshness of Organic Pea Shoots combined with recipes and the like, with additional, special artisanal touches like a hand-crafted wooden 'Buh-Bye Box' in which cell phones can disappear during family dinner, and a salt bowl by local designer Sarah Kersten that just begs for a cook's fingers to be dipped into. The overall concept? Comprehensive but curated. Think: Enchiladas Verdes with Squash & Sweet Corn wafting out of your kitchen. This summer, carefully selected all-natural wine selections will be available. But, for now, in the meantime go ahead finish off your family veggies & meal with big fat ol' Salty Sweet cookies - or just keep them for yourself (don't judge!).

Cost: $69.99 includes three meals, three servings each ($7.77 per serving). Same day delivery if you checkout by 1pm.


Photo credit: Good Eggs

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Mireille Schwartz

featured image: jacquisosa via pixabay