It’s hard to believe that we only set aside one day to say thanks for all that our maternal superheroes do for us; they swoop in and are forever at the ready with snacks, water, tissues, band-aids, and entertainment. This year for Mother’s Day, check out some of these amazing locally based products and events hardworking, bad-ass mamas would totally dig. This is only a sampling of the awesome ideas we have for whatever your mom is into, so feel free to share your picks for this mother’s day in a comment below. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us moms here at Red Tricycle!

The Organic Mom
For the mom who loves everything local and pure, there are great options in every part of the Bay Area. Good Eggs delivers to many regions of the San Francisco Bay Area. They have an amazing selection of seasonal, organic veggies and fruits with stunning photos. Pick the ones you want and have them boxed, shipped, and dropped right at your doorstep.

Eco-fabulous mamas will absolutely love the 100% pure weekly Value Set from all natural, organic makeup and skincare line 100%. Order from the website or check out the Berkeley based location.

How about Gardening Classes & Seminars at Sloat Garden Center in San Francisco, Mill Valley & San Rafael where potential green thumbs are instructed on everything from pruning tricky plants to creating a better box garden and how to grow the right veggies at the right time of year.

Want to really treat mom this year? Send her off to Menlo Park for the Sunset Celebration Weekend, from June 1st-2nd 2013, a fantastic expo at the Sunset Magazine headquarters where instructional seminars on everything from on how to build chicken coops to reusing old items for new purposes are scheduled throughout the weekend.

The Handmade Touch: Give mom a the gift of radiant skin with homemade body scrub. Combine Epsom salt or organic sugar with a few drops of essential oils and a cup of carrier oil.


The Outdoorsy Mom
What? Mom is already out the door ready for some action? Just try to keep up and treat her to some extreme excitement.  Yoga Workshops on the Peninsula offer moms who love to move some relaxation at the same time. Mama like to climb higher and higher? Well keep pushing her and surprise her with rock climbing classes in Berkeley. Take advantage of our waterways and let your outdoor fitness pro work her upper body with a day of kayaking in Pt. Reyes.


The Urban Mom
City dwelling, public transportation using, urban-park loving yummy mummies will get a kick out these fantastic surprises. Mike’s Bikes, with locations in Marin, San Francisco, Pleasanton and Walnut Creek have a super awesome range of urban bikes just perfect for saving the earth and get some exercise while running errands. Doesn’t get much more hip than that. City mamas who like shaking their tail feathers will be thrilled to get a set of dance classes at ODC and if your CEO Mom comes attached with an iPad, make sure she does it in style with a neat iPad or iPhone case. No yard or patio in your itty-bitty city space? Bring in some springy-like joy this year with Greens in a Jar, a mobile landscape from local company Lila B.


The Foodie Mom
Cheese, fine dining, the best wines….this mama knows her palate. Encourage her to explore those taste buds even farther with these great gift options. One of the coolest organizations in the city, Cheese School SF offers a ton of courses on all types of cheeses from European cheeses to wine and cheese pairing courses.

San Francisco based Omnivore Books on Food might provide the perfect new cookbook for the Julia Child wannabe who rules the kitchen.

And we know that you’re in the kitchen on a daily basis, but a cooking class that allows you to prepare something other than butter-covered noodles could be a fun way to mix up your usual dinner rush routine. Peninsula based Draeger’s is constantly offering instructional cooking classes on everything from Down to New Orleans with Michael Zimmerman to Summer Italian Desserts with Maria Capdevielle. Tante Marie offers one day, evening, and one week cooking classes on a variety of cooking styles and themes. Perfect for the mom who is always seeking to expand her culinary repertoire.


The Everything Mom
What about the awesome mommy who fits in with all these cool chicas? Pick any of these ideas above and be sure to add a big hug on for good measure. Here is a cheer to all the Red Tricycle moms, Happy Mother’s Day 2013!

What will you be giving your mom for Mother’s Day this year?

–Gabrielle Cullen

Photo credit: Tante Marie facebook page, Good Eggs facebook page, Outdoor Adventure Club facebook page & ODC facebook page. Featured image credit: