Parents understand the power of a social network. From the day we bring baby home, we defer to experienced “been-there, done-that” parents and other newbies to answer pressing questions like, “what’s the tooth fairy’s going rate?” or “what’s the trick to getting a picky eater to eat?” almost daily. And what better place to expand your knowledgeable network than through the Internet’s original virtual network—Facebook. So whether you’ve got questions about baby wearing, need a play date in your ‘hood or want to trade out your tyke’s bike, we’ve got a group for you.

Things to Do with Kids in Seattle

Find the tools and tips you need to parent like a rock star on Red Tricycle’s own parent group page, Things to Do with Kids in Seattle. On it, you'll find events, ideas and activities that transform everyday parent-kid outings into memorable adventures that are surprisingly easy to do. It’s also a place for moms and dads to ask the “who, what, where and when” questions that always seem to crop up before you hit the Emerald City with your crew. Or to post what you know by sharing your own kicking kid-friendly events within the group. Ready, set, connect!


photo: Allison Sutcliffe

Good to Know: Many of these groups are closed, so you will need permission from an administrator to join. Some require answers to quick questions, others are more rigorous and some are just a formality. So, ask away!

Do you have a favorite Facebook group other Seattle parents should know about? Do you belong to one of these? Tell us in the Comments below. 

— Allison Sutcliffe