Sure, you can jump on Amazon and have their new flying delivery drones drop off the supplies you need for your kiddo’s next birthday party. Or, you can create a celebration using these Seattle-area party experts to take things to the next level… we’re talking Pinterest-worthy land, but with about a tenth of the effort on your part. Go on, parents. Let someone else do the heavy-lifting this year, when it comes to birthday party creativity. You might actually (gasp!) enjoy yourself at your kiddo’s birthday!

Evergreen Balloons
We’re pretty sure that we just blew your mind (pun intended) with Evergreen Balloons’ creations, so imagine how insane your kids and their guests are going to go over these custom-made balloons for their party? Balloon twister and artist, Jami Krause, will work with you to create a custom balloon creation that is the centerpiece of your party, or, she’ll be the entertainment, creating the coolest balloons, live and in person, for all of your party guests!

Evergreen Balloons

Need more to convince you of how cool Jami is? She also does some pretty awesome face painting and makes BALLOON DRESSES (upcoming school auction outfit, moms?). We know one thing for sure — you’ll never have to buy another wiener-dog balloon animal at the carnival again… those wimpy little balloons just won’t cut it after discovering Evergreen Balloons.

Find them: Visit the Evergreen Balloons website for contact information, rates and other details. Be sure to keep an eye on the Evergreen Balloons Facebook page to see the latest creations, learn about balloon-related events (and super fun workshops!) and even giveaways.

You say it just like you think you should… Pin-yada-yada. But, there’s nothing to yada-yada about when it comes to these amazing, custom-made pinatas from the lovely Sara Ewalt. If you’ve ever tried to find a pinata in Seattle, you know what a challenge it can be — the selection is slim and, to be honest, quite ugly. Instead, have Pinyadayada create a pinata that will be the centerpiece of your kiddo’s party.


There is a downside to Sara’s creations however… your kids will expect you to put candy inside and then they’ll want to hit it with a stick to break it open. (Sigh). It’s okay to cry a little. We won’t blame you.

Find them: Visit the Pinyadayada website for details about how to order your own pinata (they take at least two-weeks to create, unless you’re in a pinch, with a pinata emergency!). You can also find Pinyadayada on Facebook and Instagram.

PREP Party Design
Have you tried to buy cute party supplies lately? You know, ones without LEGO Ninjago characters or Hello Kitty on them? If you have, you’ve had major quantity shock when you realize that the more trendy the supplies, the higher the bulk. As much as you love those adorable red and white striped paper straws, the last thing you need is 200 of them for a party of 10! Meet your new party supply BFF, PREP Party Design.

PREP Party Design

One of the newest faces at Bothell’s Country Village Shops, we promise that it’s worth the drive to curate exactly what supplies you need for your upcoming shindig. Plus, owner Danielle Mekhail, is an experienced party-planning mama of two herself, so she knows exactly what you’ll need to throw the party of your Pinterest dreams that also takes into account even the littlest of guests. Psst…You can also throw a party in the PREP party space, have them help with invitations, or just leave all of the planning to them and simply show up in your party pants!

Find them: Visit the PREP Party Design website for location details, contact information and current hours. Be sure to follow PREP on Facebook and Instagram for sneak peeks at their newest products and the fun parties that they throw.


What are your secrets to creative, unique party supplies and decorations, Seattle parents? Any local favorites? Let us know in a comment below. 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the Facebook pages of Evergreen Balloons, Pinyadayada, and PREP Party Design