Even if you don’t have the time to fill a picnic basket with super-cool food worthy of sharing on Pinterest, you can head to the store, grab some deli salads and spread out a blanket at a local park for an alfresco family dinner. Or why not nosh with the kids at a green space that includes a playground so they can work out the wiggles? Seattle offers countless scenic spots that are perfect for picnicking and playing well into the autumn. Check out our picks.

Carkeek Park

It’s easy to make a day out of a trip to Carkeek Park, with more than 200 acres of woodland trails, waterfront access, a large field for picnicking and a play area. Kids will love trekking across a train overpass toward the water, and if the tide is right they might spot a sea cucumber or Purple Shore crab.

Find it: Carkeek Park

  • Carkeek Park
  • Matthews Beach Park
  • Dahl Playfield
  • Genesee Park
  • Gas Works Park
  • Alki Playground & Whale Tail Park
  • Maple Leaf Playground
  • Lakeridge Park
  • Oxbow Park
  • Meridian Playground

Have we missed your favorite spot to picnic and play? Let us know in the comments section below.

— Sara Billups

Photos from mcbealer X. via Yelp, Sarah B. via Yelp, Inna B. via Yelp, Jeff G. via Yelp, Gerb P. via Yelp, Katie B. via Yelp, Amy H. via Yelp, Dawn R. via Yelp and the Seattle Parks and Rec website.