Just because your kiddo can’t walk yet doesn’t mean you need to be confined to the living room for your next play date. We found five infant-friendly venues that are tailored for babies, crawlers and small toddlers. All of them have safe toys, books, games, and specific areas that don’t interfere with big kid play. Plus they’re all indoors (because sometimes you just don’t want to lather on sunscreen and go to the park). Click through the slideshow to check out these local hot spots where infants can have just as much fun as the big kids!

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum

This Escondido spot is one of the best places for kids of all ages to play and explore, including the youngest of visitors! The museum has a special area for infant-only play that's enclosed by a gate so babies can crawl around safely. The floor is nicely padded and carpeted, and there are plenty of age-appropriate books and puzzles for babies and small kiddos. There are also several small games and a soft foam pit that crawlers can pull themselves up on and practice walking along with. With plenty of padding, gentle games and activities, and lots of other babies to socialize with, the Children’s Discovery Museum is one of the best venues for infant play in San Diego.

Admission to the museum is available through membership or by a day rate of $6 per person. There are discounts available for military families and veterans, families with special needs and grandparents.

320 N Broadway
Escondido, Ca 92025
Online: sdcdm.org

Photo Credit: Children's Discovery Museum

  • San Diego Children's Discovery Museum
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  • Kidsville Playgym
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Where in San Diego do you like to play with your toddlers and tots? Are there any infant-friendly play areas we missed?

— Bryn Wied