It may sound nutty, but you can definitely experience autumn in sunny San Diego. Sept. 22nd is the official first day of fall and we can’t wait for the weather to cool and to bake apple pie and watch pumpkins appear everywhere. So where do you go to detect the changing season, you might wonder? Scroll through our slideshow for 10 spots to revel in the glory of golden yellow oak trees, fiery red sweetgum and maple trees and more fall-themed fun than you can wave a pumpkin-spice latte at!

Stroll the Japanese Friendship Garden

Littles will sprint to see the giant koi fish floating in the ponds. You can take a breather and enjoy the beautiful fall colors of the garden. The Japanese maple trees run in shades of red plus you'll see bursts of yellow, orange and green. Stroll the garden and then explore the latest exhibit. (Also, if you can swing it, the third Tuesday of the month is free!)

Hours: Daily, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Cost: $10/adult; $8/students; free for children 6 and under

Balboa Park
Japanese Friendship Garden
2215 Pan American Rd. E,
San Diego, Ca

photo: Cliff W.


Where do you find fall in San Diego? Let us in on it below!

—Nikki Walsh