Content Questions

How do I sign up as a Spoke contributor?
Easy! Just go to this page, read through the guidelines and click “Sign Up.” Once your profile is submitted, we’ll review it and you’ll receive an email when it’s approved.


What type of content works best on Spoke?
We want the stories that motivate our community to discover, adventure and create! Inspire us. Give us humor and heart. Make us laugh out loud. Dig deep and connect us with a personal angle. Inform us, but from a new perspective. We want posts that are interesting to read and appeal to a wide variety of people. We also love unique parenting hacks and creative projects!

Here are a few examples of great Spoke posts:

What types of articles will you not publish?
We do have a few guidelines for publishing on Spoke. Here’s what we shy away from publishing:

  • Rants, insults, scare tactics or general bad parenting mojo. We’re all in this together so let’s keep the vibes positive and inclusive.
  • No swear words please
  • Politics. There are plenty of outlets to read and sound off about the political landscape. We’re not one of them.
  • Anything promoting a specific brand, website or product with affiliate or referral links
  • Product reviews of any kind (our editors are great at this!)
  • Anything you are being paid to write
  • Content that promotes your own website with hyperlinks. (We give you three hyperlinks at the end of all your articles where you can include three posts on your own blog or website.)

Will you publish essays about controversial topics?
We don’t avoid controversy, but your essay must be judgement-free and productive. Our readers appreciate a good conversation, so we’re not looking for you to stand on a soapbox and preach. Invite conversation and use empathy and compassion. We don’t publish essays that add to the noise of a controversial topic and we’re definitely not a part of the mommy wars.

Is there a limit to the number of pieces I can submit?
Nope! We may not publish them all at once, but we love getting your Spoke submissions and we promise to review all of them.

Can I publish a piece I already posted on my blog or another website?
Yes, you are welcome to re-purpose blog content. If you have a piece that you published on your personal blog that you want to reach a wider audience, Spoke is perfect for that! The same goes for pieces you may have published on other publications. We WANT your unique voice!

Content Questions: Post-Publication

Where can I see my published posts?
You can read your awesome articles – and all the other great Spoke content – on the Spoke Contributor Network page.

You edited my copy and/or swapped my photo. What gives?
Our Spoke editors will do their best to touch your copy and photos as little as possible. Occasionally, we’ll tweak a headline, swap out a photo or make incremental changes to your story to really make it shine. We want to set you and your content up for success and sometimes this means editing (after all, that’s what we love AND are trained to do).

I need to make a change to my content. How can I do so?
Shoot us an email at and we’ll make the change(s) for you. If you have a bunch of edits, a document with track changes is the easiest for us to manage. Please remember that we’re a small team (like there is literally one of us managing most of Spoke) so we’d appreciate it if you could triple check your work before submitting. Pretty please with a cherry on top!


Your Spoke Account

Help! I have an account, but I can’t remember how to log in?
It happens! Here’s a link to the “Sign In” page.

I want to change the email address associated with my account. How do I do that?
Shoot us an email at with your old email and new email and we’ll get that changed for you right away.


Payment and Perks

Do you pay for Spoke posts?
Red Tricycle Spoke writers are eligible for $50 paid compensation when a post reaches 25,000 unique page views. 

Page views can be tracked on your Spoke profile. Click on “Manage Your Articles;” they are listed in the “UPVs” column. Payment is made via PayPal after 30 days. Here are some easy ways to get the MAX number of page views and get you closer to your goal. Before you know it, you’ll be a high roller!

  • Shout it from the rooftops on social media! Don’t just share it on your blog’s Facebook page –tell your friends and fam on your personal page (and ask them to share!). They’re your biggest fans and advocates and love to see what you’re writing. Don’t stop there: pin it on Pinterest, share it on Tumblr, tweet about it: wherever you are, share.
  • Are you following us on Twitter? If not, make sure you do! We’ll be tweeting about your article and you don’t want to miss the chance to retweet.
  • Don’t underestimate email! Everyone gets their news in different ways.
  • Got Groups? Share your post in all of your Facebook writing groups.
  • Feel free to share the Spoke post on your blog. Take the first few sentences, and then link to the Spoke article to “read more.”
  • Do you send out marketing emails or newsletters? Include your Spoke post!

I want to earn $50, but I don’t know what to write about.
Lucky for you, we have a list of evergreen content ideas that we know will be super popular. Feel free to request access to the spreadsheet to claim a topic and start writing!

What about other ways to earn payment for writing? 
We have a monthly writing challenge each month where you can submit posts on the monthly theme. For example, in October we had a Breast Cancer Awareness writing campaign, November and December featured your holiday stories, January was all about resolutions and reflections, and February is getting real about relationships.

Are there other benefits for writing for Spoke?
Red Tricycle reaches 20 million parents every month! That’s A LOT of moms and dads reading your content through our website, email newsletters and on social media. This many parents means traffic back to your blog or website. But don’t take our word for it! Here’s what a few Spoke writers had to say:

“I have had great referral traffic from the pieces I have republished on [the Spoke Contributor Network] … absolutely great to work with.” — Liz Petrone

“The piece I had promoted on Red Tricycle Spoke Network drove … a HUGE number of subscribers to my site. More folks subscribed from Red Tricycle than from HuffPo and Scary Mommy combined. [Even though] fewer views overall, but stickier readers! Just uploaded more stuff there for that very reason, and will make RT one of my priorities!” — Kate Chapman, This Life in Progress

“[Red Tricycle Spoke is] amazing- thank you again for taking me on. My traffic is better than it has been in months. It has tripled the past few days due to Red Tri. I am so grateful!” — Kristin McCarthy, Four Princesses and the Cheese

“I just received a huge bump in traffic today from Red Tri. THANK YOU for inviting me to this network. It’s awesome.” — Emily Music, Not Your Basic Mom

How else can I connect with Spoke writers and share articles?
Join our Spoke Facebook Group! You’ll find the latest Spoke news, examples of awesome stories, and we’ll provide tips on what makes an article do well on social media. It’s also a space for you to talk to each other, share ideas, and tell us what you’re writing about.

Is there a badge I can put on my blog?
Yes! Feel free to post this on your blog and tell everyone you’re part of the Spoke Contributor Network! Click here to download the image. redtricycle-spoke-contributor

Photos and Images

What photos work best?
Please use actual photos, not graphics or clip art. We require horizontal photos and we do not accept any photos with text on them.

How many photos should I include?
Right now, the system will only accept one photo per story.

Where can I find free photos?
Only use photos that are free to use. Flickr Creative Commons is a great resource. Type in what you’re looking for in the search bar. After you hit enter, adjust the license from “Any license” to “All Creative Commons.” This ensures that the photos you find are free to use. Don’t forget to credit the photographer!

Promoting Spoke Posts

Do you promote Spoke posts?
We love to share Spoke posts that are funny, unique and resonate with other parents. Keep an eye out for Spoke articles posted on the Red Tricycle homepage, in our national email newsletters and on our Facebook page. We do our best to promote almost all (if not all) Spoke stories on all of our platforms.

Can I share my articles?
We love it when you share Spoke posts to your network of friend and family! Feel free to tag us at @Red_Tricycle on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Can I promote my blog in Spoke?
We want Spoke to be a great place for you to gain followers and meet other awesome writers and parents! All Spoke contributors will have a published bio, photo and links to their blog/website and social media accounts. We also give you three hyperlinks at the end of all your articles where you can include three posts on your own blog or website.

Got a question we didn’t answer? Send us an email at!