Move over Cyber Monday, there’s a new hot day for online holiday shopping and it’s today: Green Monday. Traditionally a day when online retailers see a ton of “green” headed their way, Target is looking to give some of it back to shoppers.

In the last several years the second Monday of December has become known as Green Monday because it is one of the biggest days of the season for online shopping. Maybe it’s the sudden feeling that Christmas is right around the corner and you’ve barely put a dent in your list, but this is the day when many shoppers are laying down the “green” aka spending cash on gifts, hence the name “Green Monday.” Target wants to help put some of that green back in your pocket by offering deals just for this big shopping day.

For one day only, when you shop on you will earn $20 back from every $100 that you spend. The savings will extend through the week too, with a special deal on toys through December 16. For every $50 spent on toys you’ll save $10 and for every $100 spent you’ll save $25. So what are you waiting for? As long as you’re already shopping, you might as well save.

Are you still shopping for gifts or do you already have everything wrapped and ready to go? Share your bargain shopping tips in the comments below.