Rock Your Thanksgiving Table! 12 Kid-Friendly Crafts

While the turkey dinner is generally the star of the holiday, there’s no reason the bird can’t share the spotlight with a fun table topper. We’ve tracked down adorable Thanksgiving centerpiece crafts that make for a great afternoon of entertainment and are guaranteed to wow your guests. Let the festivities begin!

1. Gourd Turkeys
Here’s the word on gourds: not only can you pick them up in the grocery store, they also make for fun turkey-centric kids craft. All you need is a gourd, coffee filters, and a few other materials and you’ve got yourself the workings Thanksgiving table toppers. Get the DIY details from the Lovaas Institute.

Gourd Turkeys

 Photo credit: Stefanie Knaus via Lovaas Institute

2. Cereal Box Mayflower
This nifty craft starts with a fun upcycled idea, throws in the chance to share what you’re thankful for, and leaves you with an historical ship that can set sail on your holiday table. See if your little ones know the name of this particular vessel, and you can add a little educational lesson, too. For all the creative details, head to Crafts by Amanda.

Cereal box Mayflower

Photo credit: Crafts by Amanda

3. Decorative Paper Pumpkins
These cute paper pumpkins are a great reason to stock up on festive scrapbook paper. They’re easy to create and look especially shabby chic if you arrange them out with some spare mini pine cones. Learn more at Crafting Mom.

paper pumpkins

Photo credit: Crafting Mom

4. Gobble Gobble Globes
We’re fans of any kids project that incorporates handprints and this turkey craft is no exception. Good for crafters of all ages, these globes are easy to create and a fun addition to any kids table. Get more info at ilovetocreate.com.


Photo credit: ilovetocreate.com

4. Pilgrim Hat Vase
The best part about this little vase is that is looks impressive but is actually pretty easy to pull off thanks to the simple tutorial at Life in Wonderland. Have the kids can pitch in by helping to stick on the beans and arrange the flowers.

pilgrim hat vase

Photo credit: Life in Wonderland

5. Personalized Pilgrims
Hey, pilgrim! These oh-so-cute personalized pilgrims could either be used as place cards or arranged in the center of the dinner table for a DIY family gathering. Get the easy how-to at Gracious Rain.

personal pilgrim place cards

Photo credit: Gracious Rain

6. Pumpkin Bouquet
Give the standard flower vase a twist–it’s as easy as hollowing out a pumpkin and hiding a jar inside. (Psst! If you’ve got a long table, you can duplicate the effect with more pumpkins in different sizes.) Let your junior florists arrange the blooms or pick out which colors you’ll use. Get the instructions over at Say Yes.

pumpkin bouquet

Photo credit: Madeline via Say Yes 

7. Beaded Wheat Arrangement
This crafty centerpiece gets full credit for being budget-friendly. All you need are some wheat stalks and beads–and the kids get practice their hand-eye skills as they help out. Best of all, this centerpiece won’t block anyone’s view at the Thanksgiving table. Get the scoop at Create Like Crazy.

Beaded wheat centerpiece

Photo credit: Create Like Crazy

8. Pine Cone Turkeys
If you’ve got pine cones piled in your yard (or if you’ve picked some up at your local craft store), you’re halfway to making these friendly table turkeys. If you have extra candy corn lying around from Halloween, we suggest using those as the turkey noses–and don’t forget the googly eyes! Get more info at A Pumpkin & a Princess.

Pine Cone Turkeys

Photo credit: A Pumpkin & a Princess

9. Fabric Paint Dotted Pumpkin
We love how easy (but pretty!) this centerpiece idea–in fact, you can get the kids involved with no complicated details. Simply snag some white pumpkins and fabric paint and let them go to town with decorative dots. Get the DIY details at A Beautiful Mess.

painted dot pumpkin1

Photo credit: A Beautiful Mess

10. Give Thanks Oranges & Cloves
This centerpiece idea does double duty as both a decor idea and a way to fill your home with autumn-y smells. Get the kids started sticking cloves in oranges in the shape of letters (you can draw them out first with a marker) or just let them place the cloves randomly. Arrange in a bowl and voila! Find out more at Forever the Hostess.

thanks oranges centerpiece

Photo credit: Forever the Hostess

11. Scrapbook Paper Turkeys
Have you been stockpiling pretty scrapbook paper? Let the kids turn it into friendly turkeys to deck out your table. It’s no mess, no fuss, and all fun. Get the how-to at Mess for Less.

scrapbook turkey centerpiece

Photo credit: Mess for Less

12. Thankful Tree
We love how this thankful tree is truly a multi-tasking centerpiece. It’s an activity for the kids, a chance to think and talk about gratitude, and a simple-but-pretty addition to the table. Get the DIY details at The DIY Mommy.

Thankful-Tree-by-The-DIY-Mommy (1)

Photo credit: The DIY Mommy

How do you plan to decorate your Thanksgiving table this year? Will your kids be involved? 

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—Abigail Matsumoto