Have you run a-fowl with ideas for creating a cool spread on the kid’s Thanksgiving table this year? Let’s talk turkey with projects that are easy as pie. Your little pilgrims will gobble up the chance to enjoy the hands on crafts we’ve found, so scroll down to see 15 creative ways to whip up a fabulously feathered feast of fun.

turkey_tablecloth_via_nikki_walshphoto: Nikki Walsh

1. Gobble Gobble Tablecloth
Cover the kiddie table in craft paper. Outline turkeys to color in, or just let kiddos doodle everywhere.

placecard_toddler_fizzle_turkey_cc_kristina_via_playcreatelearn.comphoto: Toddler Approved

2. Turkey Pumpkin Place Holders
Who says pumpkins are just for Halloween? Turkey up your mini pumpkins with this idea from Toddler Approved. Table perk: perfect turkey place holders for the kiddos. Cluck here for full instructions.

placeholder_turkey_kids_cc_julie_lessthanperfectlifeofbliss.comphoto: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

3. Turkey Treat Place Holders
Double up the fun with these turkey treat bags used as name place holders from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. Kids will get a kick out of these sweet treats (you get the table set). Get all the info you need, here.

popcorn_turkey_leg_via_project_denneler.comphoto: Project Denneler

4. Popcorn Turkey Leg
Gobble up the fun with these popcorn-filled turkey legs from Project Denneler. These easy to make turkey legs serve a terrific treat that keep little hands busy. Table trick: stick foam letters on leg and use as name place holders. Find the how-to here.

centerpiece_turkeycrayon_via_hoosierhomemade.comphoto: Hoosier Homemade

5. Crayon-Feathered Centerpiece
We adore this colorful idea from Hoosier Homemade. Ordinary crayons become the center of attention with a little styrofoam, googly eyes and creativity. Find instructions here, and let turkey hold court.

centerpiece_turkey_pumpkin_cc_heather_via_veryheatherly.blogspot.comphoto: Very Heatherly

6. Quirky Turkey Centerpiece
Make a table with paper, crayons and a pumpkin. Easy-to-do as shown by Very Heatherly, this simply creative craft will make a big splash with the little pilgrims who come to feast. Click here for turkey table inspiration.

centerpiece_turkey_gourd_cc_haeley_via_designimprovised.comphoto: Design Improvised

7. Playful Turkey Gourds
Birds of a feather flock together. Create several turkey gourds inspired by Design Improvised for pheasant play. Add feathers and fun to the kid’s table with the directions here.

turkey_coffee_filter_napkin_ring_via_the_brass_paperclipphoto: Brass Paperclip

8. Gobble Pops
Who knew coffee filter weren’t just for coffee? Grab coffee filters (just wash off to recycle), follow this easy step-by-step from Brass Paperclip and you have do-able decorations with a hidden treat. How-to here.

cup_turkey_cc_kirsten_via_sipscomPhoto: Sips Etc.

9. Gobble Gobble Turkey Cups
Kiddos will let out a little cluck-cluck when they feast their eyes on turkey-ed out cups inspired by Sips, Etc. Make these little cuties with the simple how-to here.

activity_playdough_turkey_cc_shaunna_www.fantasticfunandlearning.comphoto: Fantastic Fun and Learning

10. Thanksgiving Turkey Play Dough
This turkey table activity from Fantastic Fun and Learning will keep them busy without too much fuss. Think Mr. Tur-ke-dough head, for details and direction, go here.

activity_turkey_chalkboard_cc_sarah_repeatcrafterme.comphoto: Repeat Crafter Me

11. Chalkboard Turkey
Chalk it up to experience but we know you will be thankful for these turkey chalkboards from Repeat Crafter Me. Busy little hands give you time to enjoy the meal yourself, get the scoop here.

photo: No Time for Flashcards

12. No Glue Turkey Bag
Have the kiddos do this easy (no glue) craft while waiting for dinner. Simply get the pieces together beforehand inspired by No Time for Flashcards and your little gobblers will have a fun activity (and you a little time). Directions here.

turkey_day_favors_amy_via_one_artsy_mamaphoto: One Artsy Mama

13. Party Favor Turkey
Tickle their feathers with this sweet turkey favor. Tiny guests can take home this fringed craft from One Artsy Mamma. Make these ahead of the big day with a how-to here.

jar3photo credit: ilovetocreate.com

14Gobble Gobble Globes
We’re fans of any kids project that incorporates handprints and this turkey craft is no exception. Good for crafters of all ages, these globes are easy to create and a fun addition to any kids table. Get more info at ilovetocreate.com.
scrapbook turkey centerpiece

photo credit: Mess for Less

15. Scrapbook Paper Turkeys
Have you been stockpiling pretty scrapbook paper? Let the kids turn it into friendly turkeys to deck out your table. It’s no mess, no fuss, and all fun. Get the how-to at Mess for Less.

Find more fun, kid-friendly craft projects here.
How do you plan to turkey out your kids thanksgiving table?

—Nikki Walsh