Empty cardboard boxes still have loads of imagination juice in them, even after your kiddos have climbed in and out and up and down. In fact, after a few snips and tucks, you’ve got a castle, pet store, airplane and more! Flip through our slideshow for easy ways to convert a boring box into a dream toy.

Cardboard Rocket by Built by Kids

Take one big step closer towards those dreams of landing on the moon! With just a few cuts and several strips of tape, this cardboard rocket is ready for launching. You can find Built By Kid’s instructions to making this rocket blast-off here.

  • Cardboard Rocket by Built by Kids
  • Camper Playhouse by The Merry Thought
  • Cardboard Play Yard by Sean Walker
  • Kid-sized Castle by The Busy Budgeting Mama
  • Cardboard Box Plane by Mini Mocha
  • Grocery Store Stand by ikatbag
  • Puppet Theater by Kidoinfo
  • Drive-In Movie Theater by Small Fry Blog
  • Washing Machine by Ooh La Wawa
  • Elevator with Push Buttons by Repeat Crafter Me
  • “Adopt-a-Pet” Store by Billy Browne
  • Japanese Maze by Bijin Mall

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— Christal Yuen