12 Amazing Creations Made from Cardboard

Empty cardboard boxes still have loads of imagination juice in them, even after your kiddos have climbed in and out and up and down. In fact, after a few snips and tucks, you’ve got a castle, pet store, airplane and more! Flip through our slideshow for easy ways to convert a boring box into a dream toy.

Cardboard Rocket by Built by Kids
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Cardboard Rocket by Built by Kids

Take one big step closer towards those dreams of landing on the moon! With just a few cuts and several strips of tape, this cardboard rocket is ready for launching. You can find Built By Kid’s instructions to making this rocket blast-off here.

  1. Cardboard Rocket by Built by Kids
  2. Camper Playhouse by The Merry Thought
  3. Cardboard Play Yard by Sean Walker
  4. Kid-sized Castle by The Busy Budgeting Mama
  5. Cardboard Box Plane by Mini Mocha

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— Christal Yuen