What’s better than a summer filled with road trips and long, lazy afternoons? A summer that comes fully stocked with the supplies you’ll need to keep your kids from uttering the words, “I’m bored.” Get ahead of the game with a few cool, new activity books. From art-by-sticker to beautifully designed sketchbooks, we found something for every kid. Flip through the slideshow below to see them all.

Awesome Edutainment

Gakken is the maker of Japan’s bestselling activity books for kids, and the brand-new version of their popular books will be released in early this summer. Each one puts the emphasis on fun, so much that kids won’t even know they’re building important skills while they trace lines and shapes, cut and paste objects, solve mazes and tackle other simple projects. Parents, these books even have notes for you to help your kiddo gain important life tools such as improving focus, problem-solving and social skills.

Ages: 2 and up.

Available for pre-order at amazon.com, $5.36.


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— Gabby Cullen