Forget “playing” dress-up. Your sidekick sports her creative get-up anywhere and everywhere. Because for her, pretend play isn’t reserved for playtime; it’s a way of life. Celebrate her super-sized imagination at museums and parks that take it to the next level. Flip through to find spots where your kiddo can dream of being president, take to the seas pirate style, go on safari and more!

Build Adventure at the Adventure Playground—Berkeley, Ca

Budding builders have been using this park’s (donated) spare carpentry supplies and tools to bring their architectural dreams to life since 1979. It’s the place where parents set their amateur architects free to build up, out and around using real-life tools of the trade, including painting things pretty once they’re complete. And the park’s ever-changing landscape is part of what makes it a fave for locals. Build on!


photo: Teddy Cross via Flickr


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—Allison Sutcliffe & Melissa Heckscher