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Miles can sometimes separate many extended families from their loved ones, but technology magically brings them closer. The hard part is teaching aging grandparents how to become tech savvy enough to connect. One grandpa wanted nothing to do with his family’s insistence on using Instagram to keep in touch, but meeting his youngest grandson made him change his mind. Check out the tug-at-your-heartstrings story in the video below.

Ji Lee was worried that his 75 year old father was spending too much of his time just watching Korean shows on television. Trying to think of ways to bring him joy, Lee remembered that his father had a love of drawing when he was young. Despite his whole family’s coaxing, Lee’s father refused to get excited about the idea of his creating drawings to post on Instagram. It wasn’t until Lee’s son Astro was born that his dad finally got on board with the project in order to leave behind something special for Astro, and his other two grandsons, long after he is no longer around.


One day in 2011, on the "Ilha Grande" island near Rio de Janeiro, an old man João found an oil soaked, nearly dead penguin in front of his house. João dedicated himself to wash and feed the four years old penguin, and the little fellow ended up staying with the old man for a while and left him finally. Surprisingly the penguin named Dindim, came back to visit the old man after four years. After that, he comes back every year to stay with João for a few months. Dindim the penguin must understand Portuguese, right? #drawing #watercolor #Joaodindim #penguin #oldmanpenguin #ilhagrande Um senhor chamado João mora na Ilha Grande, perto do RJ. Em 2011, ele achou em frente à sua casa, um penguim todo encharcado de óleo quase à beira da morte. O João então cuidou do jovem penguim de 4 anos, limpando-o e alimentando-o até que o salvou. Tentou fazê-lo voltar ao mar mas ele queria ficar. Então moraram juntos alguns meses e depois de ganhar o apelido de Dindim acabou partindo. O incrível é que depois de 4 meses, ele voltou para visitar o velho João. E todos os anos é assim. Ele vem fica alguns meses e vai. O penguim Dindim que sabe pensar, com certeza deve entender o português. Não é? Não estou certo? #ilhagrande #velhojoaopenguimdindim 리오데 자네이로 가까운 '일랴 그란지' 섬에 조앙 노인이 살고 있었어. 2011년 어느 날, 집 앞에서 기름 범벅이 된 채 다 죽어가는 펭귄을 발견했대. 조앙은 정성을 다해 씻기고 먹이고 하여 네 살짜리 팽귄을 살려냈대. 돌려보내려 해도 녀석은 돌아가지 않고 같이 살다가 결국 떠나 갔는데 '딩딩'이라 이름 붙인 그 펭귄이 놀랍게도 4개월만에 조엉 할아버지를 찾아왔대는거야. 그후로도 매년 조앙을 찾아와 몇 달 살고 간다는구나. 생각할 줄 아는 펭귄 '딩딩'은 분명 폴투게스를 알아듣는 거야. 그렇지? 맞지? #노인과펭귄의우정 #브라질이야기 #생각하는펭귄#은혜를아는펭귄

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His Instagram feed, Drawings For My Grandchildren, is now filled with beautiful images of all styles and subjects, from animals and plants, to drawings of his grandkids as they grow.

When Astro was a baby, we took him to the park on a stroller. There we saw a little boy riding his scooter. He was so fast and having so much fun. Zoom! Zoom! I thought: when will Astro be able to ride like this? I was jealous so then I drew an imaginary Astro riding his scooter. I went back to my old Instagram drawing and that was August 27, 2015. Now Astro is riding his scooter just like the little boy we saw in the park. Others must be looking at you now and feeling jealous. #drawing #watercolor #scooter #littleboy #ridingscooter Foi quando o Astro ainda era bebê. Levamos o Astro para passear no parque, ainda de carrinho, e vimos uma pequena criança andando de scooter. Achamos incrível! Ela estava ali andando sozinha no scooter "vupt, vupt"! Quando será que o Astro vai poder andar naquilo também? Senti uma leve inveja então fiz um desenho imaginando o Astro andando de scooter. Fui procurar nos meus posts do Instagram e achei o desenho que fiz no arquivo do dia 27 de agosto de 2015. Uau, Astro! Agora você já está andando igual àquela criança. Alguém sentirá inveja ao olhar pra você como senti antes. #pequenacrianca #andandosozinha 아로가 애기였을 때였어. 유모차에 아로를 태우고 공원에 갔는데 스쿠터를 타는 한 작은 어린애를 보게 됐어. 얼마나 신기했는지. 글쎄 혼자서 신나게 스쿠터를 타는거야. 쌩쌩! 쌩쌩! 우리 아로는 언제나 저걸 탈 수 있을까? 너무 부러워서 스쿠터 타는 아로를 상상하며 그렸었지. 지난 인스타그램을 찾아보니 그때가 2015년 8월 27일이더구나. 아로야. 와! 네가 바로 그 아이와 똑같아. 누군가가 나처럼 너를 보고 부러워할거야. #스쿠터혼자타는어린애

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What ways have you utilized technology to connect your family across distances? Share your experiences in the comments.