Now that Easter’s over, the coveted chocolate bunnies have disappeared (ears and all), but the marshmallow Peeps that found their way to the kids’ baskets still seem to stick around for weeks on end. Instead of letting them languish in the pantry, check out these projects and recipes to turn your leftover Peeps into something brand new.

peeps-smores-1photo: Eclectic Recipes

1. Peep S’mores
You won’t need to restock the pantry with marshmallows after Easter. Making brightly colored s’mores with Peeps is much easier than you might think and the sugary crunch adds a little something special. Click here to check out the quick how-to from Eclectic Recipes. 

 peeps-e1425686728117-1photo: Still Playing School

2. Edible Peep Play Dough
Now you can squish these Peeps to your heart’s content without the sticky aftermath. Still Playing School’s fabulously fun recipe repurposes those Peeps into safe edible play dough for mouthy tots. To get the instructions, click here.

photo: Kristin’s Kitchen

3. Rocky Road Peep Brownies
Just when we thought you couldn’t improve upon a classic fudgy brownie, this recipe from Kristin’s Kitchen ups the ante. The colorful marshmallow topping is sure to be a crowd pleaser. To get the recipe, click here.


photo: Oh Strumpets!

4. DIY Peep Cards
Give those little bunnies new life by making cute cards like these from Oh Strumpets! Little artists will love painting the Peeps and adding their eyes and mouths, and you can send them off to wish friends and family a happy spring. Click here to get the instructions.


photo: Kitchen Trials

5. Graham Cracker Birdhouse
If your little ones love crafting gingerbread houses during the holidays, then they’ll have a blast making a sweet birdhouse for your leftover Peeps, too, like these from Kitchen Trials. Using coconut, melted chocolate and candies, the decoration options are endless. Get all the details by clicking here.


Peep-Experiment                                                                                                                    photo: Lemon Lime Adventures 

6. Science Experiment Peeps
What happens when you microwave a Peep? This experiment is perfect for inquisitive scientists who love to collect data down to the last decimal. Click here to check out the procedure over at Lemon Lime Adventures.


photo: Grain Changer

7. Peeps Popcorn
This delicious popcorn from Grain Changer is the ultimate springtime treat. Drizzled with white chocolate and melty Peeps, chances are it’ll disappear in no time. Find out how it’s made by clicking here.


peepwreath00sm  photo: Tried and True

8. Peep Wreath
You’ve been through every Peep project and you still have more left over (that’s the nature of Peeps). Use what you have left to make the most vibrant wreath anyone has ever seen. Click over to craft blog Tried and True for the instructions. 


peeps-scenephoto: wiredforlego via flickr

9. Peep Diorama
Your mini movie buffs will love taking part in this Peep production. Use Peeps to recreate a scene from their favorite movie or a new story of their own! Want more ideas? Click here to scoot over to Wired for LEGO.


photo: Two Sisters Crafting

10. Peeps Centerpiece
Take some inspiration from Two Sisters Crafting to repurpose your Peeps (and your other leftover candy) into a unique seasonal centerpiece. Grab some artificial blooms from your local craft store and get creative. To see the step-by-step instructions, click here.


photo: Crafty Cooking Mama

11. Chocolate Peanut Butter Peeps Fudge
We’re suckers for fudge, and this genius recipe from Crafty Cooking Mama is bound to be an instant favorite. It’s super simple—just melt a few ingredients together in the microwave and then refrigerate it for a few hours. You’ll be blown away by how delicious it turns out. Snag the recipe by clicking here.


peepprints (5)photo: Tippy Toe Crafts

12. Peep Painting
You’ve painted with apples, potatoes, carrots … so why not Peeps? Bunny Peeps make the perfect print, while birdie Peeps act as a good brush to blend colors all around. Click here to see what kind of simple creations kids made over at Tippy Toe Crafts.

6865018902_6025f1b51c_z photo: wiredforlego via flickr

13. Minute to Win It: Peep Version
Create your own homemade minute to win it game! Inspired by family fun blog Not Consumed, see how high you can stack your Peeps in an allotted amount of time. Winner takes all the Peeps! To get the details, click here.


peep-chocolatephoto: Sometimes Sweet

14. Peep Hot Chocolate
Don’t let the bright colors make you forget that Peeps are really just cute marshmallows. What better way to enjoy the fluffy goodness than by adding them to a mug of hot chocolate? Thanks to lifestyle blog Sometimes Sweet for this great idea! Click here to grab the recipe.


ramblingsfromutopia peeps 3photo: Ramblings from Utopia

15. Colorful Rice Krispies
Rice krispies are one of the easiest treats out there, but we never thought to use Peeps instead of marshmallows until coming across DIY blog Ramblings from Utopia. No food coloring needed for this one! Learn how to create this celebratory snack by clicking here.

What are your ways to reuse your Peeps? Share them with us in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen & Susie Foresman