photo: Pixabay

It’s difficult to be grumpy when you’re in the Happiest Place On Earth, but after a few too many Mickey-shaped treats and missed naps, even the most magical day can be challenging. Keeping your cool and staying positive is always a good idea, but it can come with some fun perks when you’re visiting Disney parks.

As Cosmopolitan reports, former Disney World employee, Michaela Garber, recently revealed that park employees can gift visitors with some magical moments when they see fit. “Cast members are encouraged to create spur of the moment acts of kindness – this could be anything from surprising a child with free ice cream to upgrading a family’s hotel reservation.”

While simply being polite doesn’t guarantee you special treatment, it pays to be kind when you’re dealing with crowds, long lines and young kids, whether you earn a perk or not. Not to mention that being kind to others always sets a great example for your tykes.

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