Best Family Travel Blogs to Bookmark Now


To keep you from feeling like you need a vacation from planning your vacation, we’ve gathered our go-to blogs for family travel. From where to go and how to get there (think: kid-friendly destinations and pit stops for little ones) to what to do, rent, and see, these blogs can help amp up your vacation and silence the “are we there yet?” backseat chorus.

Mom of three and writer for such travel sources as Conde Nast Traveler, Nickelodeon’s Parents Connect, and National Geographic Traveler, Debbie Dubrow’s website shares the perspective and real-world tips that only a mom who travels frequently with her kids can offer.

Ciao Bambino! 
Discerning travelers take note! With travel portfolios covering Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and other popular tourist destinations, this is a great resource for family-focused advice, directions, and accommodation information. It was founded based on the belief that traveling as a family shouldn’t mean lowering your expectations or standards.

Pitstops for Kids 
The title of this site says it all—and boy, are we thankful for this much-needed resource! Pit Stops for Kids is a place to share your reviews of the places you’ve stopped during various roadtrips (whether you’ve been there once or one hundred times), and to take advantage of the experience and information other parents have to offer. It’s a community of parents who share a goal—finding kid-friendly detours and pit stops—and a philosophy: it’s about the journey and the destination.

The Q Family Adventures
Founded by a working mom with two little ones of her own, this blog provides city-specific family guides, tips on traveling with kids, reviews, and much more. The fun Q family shares a wanderlust gene and the blog also features lots of personal tidbits on their adventures.

Traveling Mamas 
This group travel blog was created by travel writer Shannon Hurst Lane to inspire women to get out there and explore the world—whether that means vacations with the kids, “soul-oh” trips, girlfriend getaways or romantic escapes.

Travel Savvy Mom
This entertaining and helpful blog publishes a fun mix of reviews, tips, and personal travel experiences. Read up on family-friendly dude ranches and “grandcations” (travels with grandparents, or multi-generational trips), or browse their list of hotel reviews. After, we’ll bet that you’ll feel extra travel savvy and ready to go.

Have Baby Will Travel 
Yes, babies and traveling can go together…and this online guide for travel with babies, toddlers, and small children proves it. Founder and mother of two Corinne McDermott is a passionate advocate of the value traveling can have for everyone in the family. Her site is a collection of travel advice, trip reports, and helpful tips, tricks, and resources for traveling with small children. (Psst…the particularly helpful “Flying with Baby” section even breaks down travel by airline!).

Keeps Me Smiling 
This is the personal blog of Lorraine Akemann—co-founder of Moms With Apps, a network of family-friendly developers who create mobile apps. It follows her family’s travels, activities, milestones, and everything else that keeps her smiling.

The Trekaroo blog is an offshoot of the Trekaroo website—an invaluable resource for discovering activities, hotels, and restaurants, booking accommodations and flights, and contributing to reviews and discussions. The blog is more of the same great content and can-do attitude: resort reviews, “off the beaten path” guides, museum suggestions, weekly digests, and much more!

Backpack to Buggy 
Meg Keough’s goal is to give new or prospective parents help with the transition from traveling to traveling with youngsters. You can, she believes, travel with the kids not for the kids.  From sharing reviews of destinations, great gear, hard-learned tips & tricks, or just philosophy, Backpack to Buggy inspires and supports adventurous parents everywhere.

Since becoming a mom, Ireland-born Michelle Duffy has been a wandermom. Her family currently lives in Seattle, so routine “visits-to-Grandma” are international trips requiring passports, ten hour flights and (oh joy!) airport transfers. Her blog is the culmination of her experience and hard-earned travel knowledge. Get the inside scoop on Irish destinations, then read up on Michelle’s other international family travels.

Frisco Kids
Debbie Abrams Kaplan is a journalist specializing in family travel and her blog is a fantastic guide to kid-friendly events and trips in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Check out her article on camping with kids in the Bay Area and make sure to visit often for up-to-date current events and day trips.

The Vacation Gals
Jennifer Miner, Kara Williams, and Beth Blair are three professional travel writers — and moms — who share their favorite destinations for family trips, girlfriend getaways and romantic escapes. They also discuss tried-and-true travel gear, the latest travel news and helpful travel tips. Their writing typically covers North America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, but the sky is the limit for these awesome Vacation Gals—they take at least 45 trips a year! Whew.

Travels with Baby
Shelly Rivoli launched as a modest site with answers to many of the real questions parents ask when planning travel with babies and toddlers. Today, it has evolved into a full-fledged trusted voice among traveling parent. Shelly is the author of several award-winning travel guidebooks. Need a worldwide directory of baby gear rental agencies? Interested in Kauai’s best beach for babies and toddlers? Travels with Baby is the place to be!

Wendy Bergstrand is a traveling-with-kids expert. The proof? She is the brain behind the Travel-Tot kit—a portable, temporary, and easy childproofing kit. After staying in a few too many hotels that did not address basic safety concerns for her two active kids, Wendy recognized a need and filled it. The same is true for her Travel-Tot blog, where Wendy highlights many kid-friendly destinations and provides travel ideas for families, health and safety information, and travel-tot tips.

Two and a Half Travelers
The family-travel experts at Two and a Half Travelers made a business out of researching and planning family trips and providing personally-tested travel advice to keep you and your kids safe, comfortable and happy when you travel. Their blog is a day-to-day collection of recommended gear, travel tips, and snapshots of their personal experience traipsing around, little ones in tow.

Jet with Kids
Jet With was created by Jet Seven, Inc., as an informative site for anyone flying with kids. From important documentation requirements to the best toys on planes and true hard facts about infant safety on planes, this site makes the friendly skies a little friendlier—it’s dedicated to making aviation travel an enjoyable and safe part of the trip for all involved.

Travel with Kidz
The folks at Travel With Kidz, have a lot of fun sharing their adventures with their customers and each other. With their blog, they keep the ball rolling with expert advice, family adventure stories, giveaways, and more.

Travel Mamas
This site is for mamas (and daddies and grandparents!) who need a break from their everyday lives, want to see the world, experience new cultures, and maybe even indulge in a spa treatment or margarita while away. Travel Mamas is a community of regular women and men who want to learn and share not only how to survive a trip with children, but also how to love exploring the world with their families.

Wanderlust and Lipstick
Here you can find travel stories to whet your appetite for adventures around the globe; join a women-only or co-ed tour to Bhutan, India, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea or Santa Fe; peruse posts from the ever expanding group of WanderBloggers; read travel tips from experienced globetrotters; and learn about recommended travel gear. Be sure to check out their guidebook Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids, for specific family travel info.

Hither and Tither
Hither & Thither is a lifestyle and travel blog written by Ashley Muir Bruhn and her husband, Aron Bruhn. Since its inception, the site has grown to feature design, food, style, New York, and everything in between. And, since welcoming their son into the world in 2011, the Bruhns have added parenthood and family to the scope of Hither and Tither. Follow this family as they learn the ins and outs of New York and traveling with a little one.

Soul Travelers 3
This family of “digital nomads” began their journey of extended world travel in 2006, when their daughter was five years old. She has been homeschooled all over the globe and, with piano lessons via Skype, online classes, and regular adventures in places like the Sahara, is the poster-child for untraditional education. This family’s blog is truly a tribute to their lifestyle—which may seem daunting to some, and romantic or fantastic to others.

Started by Elizabeth Thorp, a writer and mom to three little divas, this site is a hip and upscale family travel resource. The Poshbrood team has researched, identified, visited, and vetted chic and luxurious family travel, gathering the best of the best in cruises, travel hotspots, and even pools and spas.

The Mother of All Trips 
This blog is part travelogue, part memoir, part meditation on motherhood, with just a dash of how-to. The mother behind The Mother of All trips is Mara, who emphasizes the potential for learning and fun when it comes to traveling with kids. With each post on her family’s excursions, both big and small, and helpful advice gleaned from first hand experience, she “brings the world to your kids and your kids to the world.”

Jenss Family Travel 
Rainier Jenss is the former publisher of National Geographic for Kids and dad of two boys. His blog, part of National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel site, chronicles his family’s yearlong world tour, from scuba diving in Palau to working on a dairy farm in Amish country. It also features helpful articles for other traveling families, including “10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Next Family Trip.” Need even more inspiration? The Jenss sons also blog about their travels, in a series called Global Bros.

Mini Time 
This site is dedicated to making family travel-planning easier, cheaper, and less stressful with in-depth reviews of kid-friendly accommodations, expert strategies for traveling with kids, insider city-guides and advice on where to find money-saving deals on family vacation packages. As if that weren’t enough, the site also has free printables like packing lists and car and travel games for kids and a Trip Planner tool that helps you create individual itinerary and travel journals.

Hip Travel Mama 
Anne Hartzell is one hip travel expert and mama. Her site will encourage you and your family to try new destinations and explore the world for enriching experiences. Find information on family friendly hotels to traveling on the train from London to Paris with the kids. Hip Travel Mom is your guide to becoming a well traveled family.

Adventures for Families 
As a Family Travel Advisor, Suzette Mack’s specialty is creating memorable vacations for families with children of all ages. As a blogger, she offers readers her expertise (for example, travel insurance is a must when planning a family cruise) and personal experience (a la if she could do it all again, she’d buy the Paris Museum Pass).

Two Kids and a Map
This awesome site is Jennifer Close’s hilarious account of her family’s travels through the good, the bad and the ugly, down the street, across the country, and around the world. “Tips to Survive Sleeping in a Standard Hotel Room with a Family of Four” and “Justifying the Cost of a Disney Cruise” are just some of the posts that will leave you entertained and informed.

How much time do you spend planning your vacation when you should really be enjoying it? FamiliesGo! takes the guesswork out of organizing family trips with one simple site run by a community of savvy travelers (who happen to be parents) who share their personal advice on everything from hotel accommodations to how to pack your suitcases.

Charu and Matt (parents to Erika) chronicle their travel adventures with an emphasis on affordable luxury locations. They travel as a vegetarian/vegan couple and are always on the hunt for the best eco- and vegetarian-friendly options. Expect to find stunning Instagram photos, pragmatic advice, and vivid descriptions of each place the family travels to.

Travel Food Family
Adventurous families will love reading the chronicles of this family as they live one day at a time. Scour through their blog for stories from around the world, and pick up on tips like “Finding the Best Flights” or “Train Travel with Babies.” Follow this family as they discover more of the world one city at a time. Bonus, they take lovely pictures of their kids having fun and all the great food they eat.

Stuffed Suitcase
Kimberly, mom and wife to a family of four, loves traveling so much that she’s even traveled with her little ones when they were infants. A mom that well traveled definitely has tips for you. Whether you’re looking for ways to teach your little one to pack or how to cope with the fear of flying, Stuffed Suitcase is the to-go blog for you.

Chic Family Travels
It’s travel mets chic! Amongst all the scrambling for nappies and cutting it close to check-out times, this family of five sets out to find (and review) the top family accommodations and resorts around. Get inspired to take more vacations and see the world with Chic Family Travels.

Jetlag and Mayhem
This mom has been traveling and backpacking ever since she was in her teens. Now with two kids strapped to her side, she’s still insistent on making the world her oyster. From Europe to Asia, Jetlag and Mayhem guides to make your flying, planning and relaxing an easier process. Plus, if you’re looking for travel and kid-friendly gadgets, mom-blogger Nicola has a list of recommendations just for you.

World Travel Family
Thought backpacking with kids was impossible? This family will prove you wrong. Join Alyson, James, D and Boo as they travel around the world for 12 months — from UK to Asia and back again. Learn how to travel with kids on road trips or cruises, and even helpful tips like what toys not to bring through airport security. Travel vicariously through this family as they explore the world on a budget.

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–Abigail Matsumoto

photo credit: goodncrazy via creative commons flickr