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Adiós LEGO Chaos…9 Cool Ways to Organize Your Bricks

We love LEGOs for inspiring our kids to create, design, build and well, think outside the box. We also love LEGOs because they’re small, they take up far less space than toddler toys, and they travel well. But we must confess that we have a love/hate relationship with the little bricks. We hate them because they never stay in one place, they turn up in our purses, our cars (and even our washing machines!) and they give our kiddos panic attacks when pieces go missing. Even worse, if a tiny, pointy LEGO piece finds its way under our foot in the middle in the night…four letter words (we wish our kids never heard) come out of our mouths. For these reasons, we’ve come up with nine cool (and super functional) ways to organize and store your kiddo’s LEGOs. From store-bought containers to DIY solutions, we’ve found something for just about every LEGO-loving family.


Buy & Go Storage Solutions

Designed by a mom and dad who needed a solution to cleaning, containing and controlling their kiddos’ LEGOs, the Lay-n-Go is an activity mat, cleanup, storage, and carryall solution in one. This amazing bag lays flat as a play surface and then easily closes up with a pull of the zip cord, storing all of your LEGOs inside. Simply put—a brilliant LEGO contraption! The Lay-n-Go comes in two sizes, a 5-foot size and a lite version which is 18-inches. The larger size is perfect to use in rooms where you want easy cleanup. The smaller size is perfect for car travel, air travel and for bringing LEGOs to and from the bedroom and kitchen table. The Lay-n-Go is washable, features an inside pocket to store the drawstring, and comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport. $24.95 to $64.95

Lay-n-Go3-Drawer Storage Unit
This cool LEGO storage unit is perfect for small spaces and keeps LEGO bricks and pieces easily sorted and stored. The drawers come with four removable divider trays and each drawer comes with a LEGO plate on the outside so kids can build their own labels. Now, when your kiddo asks if you’ve seen their Ninjago pieces you can tell them to look in the drawer with Kai on the front. The 3-Drawer Storage Unit also comes with a large base plate on top to store your kiddo’s fave creations. $39.99

3-Drawer StorageLEGO 6-Case Workstation Storage Unit 
This versatile storage unit serves as a fab filing system and play-and-put-away workstation for LEGOs. The 6-Case Workstation Storage Unit includes six portable project cases and two 10″ x 10″ building base plates. Each case features a different LEGO Minifigure head and has snap-tight closures to ensure LEGOs remain securely inside. The base plates also fit on top of unit for building and displaying creations. If you’re looking for a smaller model, the storage unit also comes as a 3-Case Workstation Storage Unit. $39.99 to $62.69

3 Case LEGO WorkstationLEGO Toy Stacks Basket with Lid
If your kiddo isn’t much of a sorter, but more of a dumper, the LEGO Toy Stacks Basket is the perfect way to contain hundreds (and hundreds!) of LEGO bricks and pieces. In addition to being able to stack multiple baskets on top of each other (which is great space saver!), the LEGO Toy Stacks Basket comes with handles and wheels so kids can easily transport their LEGOs around the house. Plus, the 10″ x 10″ baseplate fits on top of the lid or inside to use as a building surface. $15.99

LEGO Stack Basket4-Pack Stackable Storage Trunks
If you’re looking for a way to clean up your kiddo’s LEGOs in a hurry (like company is coming for dinner and your entire living room is a LEGO creation), this set of four, brightly colored 18-gallon storage trunks feature plenty of room for LEGO pieces. Each trunk comes with rugged, locking handles for lifting and pulling, and matching dome shaped lids for added storage capacity. Plus, the sturdy 360 degree, swivel casters are great for moving the Stackable Storage Trunks from room to room. The casters nest into the lid of other trunks when stacked; empty trunks nest within each other. $129.99

Stackable Storage Trunks

DIY Storage Solutions

Christmas LEGO Table
When it comes to designing LEGO tables, parents get some series kudos here! This table, built by a parent as a Christmas gift, is totally awesome! The base is made from four slotted organizers from IKEA and the bins (also from IKEA) are made to slide into all the slots. The table top is made from a 5′ x 5′ piece of Baltic Birch plywood cut to 4′ 8″ and has rounded corners (yes, this parent thought of everything!). To get the nice shiny top coat, the creator used spray paint from Home Depot (first coat is white primer, then royal blue — which matched the blue LEGO color exactly, and then a clear coat). What we love most about this table is the fact that everything stays in one area of the house!

LEGO Table rb3wreath via Flickr

LEGO Bedroom
Can you imagine the look in your kiddo’s eyes if you turned his bedroom into a wall-to-wall LEGO haven! Designers Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna, and Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design did exactly just that. LEGO boards cover the walls of this room, from floor to ceiling so LEGO-loving kids can build with or against gravity. Plus, everything a child builds becomes an integral part of the play space architecture until a new construction is made. How cool is that?


LEGO Brick Organizer
When Jen, blogger and moms of three boys, decided to organize her kiddos’ LEGOs she initially thought a couple of Rubbermaid containers would do the trick. However, after talking with her boys who insisted their LEGOs be sorted by color, Jen regrouped and decided the IKEA Trofast system was the best way to go. After countess hours of sorting thousands (and thousands!) of LEGO pieces by color, Jen was ready to make labels which she cut out of cardstock and adhered to the boxes with a matte finish Mod Podge. Voilà! A totally cool, totally functional, and totally cute LEGO organizer! If you want to know what Jen did with her kids’ LEGO manuals, she organized them in a box with a label, of course. They reside on the top of this fab LEGO organizer.

LEGO Brick Organizer via I heart organizing

LEGO Table with IKEA Parts
Taylor and Jackson’s parents were determined to find a simple and easy way to organize their boys’ LEGOs which were quickly taking over their home. After searching through the garage and looking online, this mom and dad duo decided to buy four IKEA Trofast Wall Storage units and attach them with braces to one another—two storage units on one side and two on the other—to give the boys 24 buckets for LEGOs! The parents then put caster wheels on the bottom of the units (with brakes, mind you), attached a cheap-o table to the top, and covered the table surface with LEGO boards. Now, this completely mobile table, which can be moved around the house, is the perfect play space for Taylor and Jackson and their parents couldn’t be happier.

Homemade IKEA LEGO Table

How do you organize your kiddo’s LEGOs? Do you have a favorite product? We would love to hear your ideas. Leave us a comment below!

--Kristina Moy, mom of two boys who is determined to organize their LEGOs after writing this story!

Photo credit: rb3wreath via Flickr, Lay-n-Go website, HGTV website, I Heart Organizing website, Athena Frederick

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