LEGO … it’s a love/hate relationship. You love that those colorful little bricks get your master builders thinking outside the box, but the failed attempts to keep them all in one place is almost as painful as when you step on one. That’s why we’ve gathered the most clever ways to store LEGO we could find. From the ultimate table to hardware store hacks, there’s a fix for your brick explosion here. Scroll down to see them all.

1. On Display
We love this minifig display case that’ll hold up to 16 of your master builder’s favorite characters. Baseplates are included inside each individual slot, you can mount it to the wall, place it on a shelf or flat surface, and best of all, each case is designed to look like a LEGO and is stackable, for easy storage! Grab one (or several) for $34.99 at

photo: Heidi Kundun via Happiness is Homemade

2. Basic Bins
Forget fancy organizing systems. Get yourself to the local DIY store, pick up a package of plastic bins and just like that, you’ll have an easily accessible solution to your kid’s brick collection. We love the way Heidi over at Happiness is Homemade used her err… block, when it comes to LEGO. Get the detailed list of what you’ll need here.

jewerlybox_GabbyCullen_LEGO_national_redtricyclephoto: Gabby Cullen

3. Tackle the Tiny Stuff
Ever notice that LEGO sets come with a bit more, well, stuff, than when you were a kid? Yeah, us too. Using a tackle or jewelry-making box (snag one at your local crafting store) with tons of tiny compartments makes it easy to have a place for each little accessory: from food to sidekicks, tools and more.

wallLEGObins_LEGOstorage_national_redtricyclephoto: B Inspired Mama

4. Building Buckets
The creative blogger at B-Inspired Mama uses vertical storage and wall space (instead of your kiddo’s bedroom floor!) with this fun way to store LEGO. Using materials that are a cinch to grab from the hardware or discount store, label each bucket with a white paint marker and then sort, sort, sort! Get the how-to at B-Inspired Mama.

ultimateLEGOtable_KristinGentryKojoDesigns_LEGO_national_redtricyclephoto: Kristin Gentry via Kojo Designs

5. Stuck on LEGO
This incredible building/storage combo table looks a lot harder to recreate than it really is. Combine a trip to IKEA with the most sticky glue you can find and you’ll be on your way. Want to know what you’ll need? Skip on over to Kojo Designs for the how-to.

legoland_legostorage_national_redtricyclephoto: That Mommy Blog

6. LEGO for Life
LEGO are something kids love all the way through up to middle school and beyond. When Michelle from That Mommy Blog was looking for a storage solution for her son’s exploding brick collection, she came up with this ingenious Adjustable Height DIY LEGO Table and Storage Unit, which can be used forever! We love the fact that Michelle covered one side of the shelf with green baseplates, and left the other smooth for the option of building without baseplates.  For the step-by-step instructions, visit That Mommy Blog.

lego-brick-organizerphoto: I Heart Organizing

7. Labeled LEGO
It’s a Type A’s dream. After listening to her boys say they wanted a color-coded sorting system, Jen of I Heart Organizing looked around and decided the IKEA Trofast system was the best way to go. Psst! Those nifty little labels are made with paper and Mod Podge. Get the full rundown over at I Heart Organizing.

LEGOmanuals_MeredithRowley_LEGO_nationalphoto: Meredith Rowley via My 4 Misters & Their Sister

8. Manual Access
Now that all the bricks have a place, find a spot for those building manuals, too. Believe us, once one of those suckers disappear, the chances of re-building that set are slim to none. We love the simple but brilliant idea from My 4 Misters & Their Sister. Even busy parents (meaning all of us!) can manage this one. Find out more over at My 4 Misters &Their Sister.


8-lego-wall-room_lgphoto: HGTV / I-Beam Design

9. A Builder’s Mecca
Can you imagine the look in your little one’s eyes if you turned his or her bedroom into a wall-to-wall LEGO haven? Designers Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna and Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design did just that. LEGO boards cover the walls of this room, from floor to ceiling so kids can build with or against gravity. Plus, every creation becomes an integral part of the play space architecture until a new construction is made. How cool is that? See more at

For Easy Transport: Lay-n-Go

10. Lay Out the LEGO
Designed by a mom and dad who needed a solution to cleaning, containing and controlling their kids’ LEGO, this amazing bag acts an activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one. It comes in three sizes— a lite 18-inch, a larger 44-inch and a large 5-foot size. The smaller sizes work great for travel and bringing LEGO to and from the bedroom and kitchen table. Bonus: You can wash it and it comes with a shoulder strap for easy transport.

Available at, $21.95 to $64.95.

How do you organize your little builder’s LEGO? We would love to hear your ideas. Leave us a comment below!

— Kristina Moy & Gabby Cullen