Brick by Brick: 12 Clever Ways to Organize Your LEGOs

We love LEGOs because they’re small, they travel well and they take up far less space than other toys. They also inspire our little engineers to create, design, build and well, think outside the box. But these little bricks never seem to stay in one place. That’s why we’ve come up with 12 cool (and functional) ways to organize and store your little builder’s LEGOs. From store-bought containers to DIY solutions, we’ve found something for every LEGO-loving family.

For Traveling: LEGO 3-Piece Toy Organizer Cubes
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For Traveling: LEGO 3-Piece Toy Organizer Cubes

If your LEGO enthusiast is always on the go—taking his bricks in the car, to grandma’s house and to and from school—the LEGO 3-Piece Toy Organizer Cubes are a great option. The cubes come in three different travel sizes, just right for keeping smaller toys and parts organized and nest to fit inside each other as well as store flat when not in use. Each cube comes with a zip top closure and clear EVA window to easily see what’s inside. $16.99


photo: Toys R Us website

  1. For Traveling: LEGO 3-Piece Toy Organizer Cubes
  2. For Easy Transport: Lay-n-Go
  3. For Storage That Grows with Your Child: Adjustable LEGO Table
  4. For Small Spaces: 3-Drawer Workstation Tabletop Unit
  5. For Wall Storage: Hanging LEGO Buckets
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How do you organize your little builder’s LEGOs? Do you have a favorite product? We would love to hear your ideas. Leave us a comment below!

–Kristina Moy, mom of two boys who is determined to organize their LEGOs after writing this story!