The quest to simple parenting means we’re all on the lookout for new tricks and tips that will help us lighten the load. And while some parenting hacks are worth their weight in gold, others … not so much. You be the judge of these weird life hacks we think parents can do without. Scroll down to see them all.

photo: courtesy Jennifer Morris

1. Crib Turned Desk Hack

We’re calling the bluff on this ambitious DIY project that involves transforming your crib into a cute workstation/desk for your kids. Hey, putting it together in the first place was complicated enough, amirite?


2. Dental Floss Cutting Hack

We’re putting money on the fact that if you’ve got cake, you’ve got a knife to cut it with. And since knives seem to make quick work slicing up that birthday cake you made to celebrate your kid’s big day, we’re just saying “no” to substituting dental floss as a cutting tool. Why fix it if it ain’t broke? You can check out food prep hacks worth your time by clicking here.  Disclaimer: this actually does work great on cheesecake, but for birthday cake? Nope. 

3. Peanut Butter Spreading Hack

If you count “torn bread” as a legit parent concern, then this peanut butter hack, dreamed up by food blogger Bev Weidner is for you. But if other worries top your list, we invite you to chuckle alongside thousands of parents in the Twitterverse, as they grapple with the necessity of this questionable time saver.

4. Plastic Egg Sucker Saver Hack

We’re not convinced saving a dime store sucker is worth the time it takes to make this hack happen. It requires parents to drill a hole in a leftover plastic egg, and then keep it handy for those moments when your kids decide to cast off their half-eaten sucker. This is one of those situations that’s just as easily remedied by throwing the sucker away or sticking it in a plastic baggie.

photo: Allison Sutcliffe

5. Toilet Paper Roll Hack

Sure your tots love to roll the toilet paper out onto the floor at every chance they get. But we’re not persuaded that securing it with a rubber band is any easier than closing the door to mitigate the mess. We’ll pass on this hack that can lead to bigger problems when you’ve really got to go!

6. Ketchup Bottle Batter Hack

Let's face it: the kids are hungry and pancakes are on the menu. The trouble of pouring the batter into that small ketchup bottle opening will take up more time than you need to put into this. It's pancakes. Plus, there's always that chance you might end up with an extra dash of condiment in your breakfast. While this hack can be handy if camping (but you could just buy an empty condiment container with a wider mouth...), we're thinking it's just not worth your time. But if you’re up to the challenge, check out this how-to on wikiHow.

7. Laundry Basket Sled Hack

Just because you use it to cart your kids (and dirty laundry) up and down the stairs doesn’t mean your laundry basket should double as a sled on a snowy day. Especially when a simple saucer sled works ten times better than a clunky plastic basket ever will. Want a real laundry hack? Check this out! 

Do you have a parent hack that doesn’t quite pass muster? Share it in a comment.

—Allison Sutcliffe

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