photo: BusinessWire

Move over deep-fried Twinkies, there’s a new sheriff in town — and it comes in a waffle cone. Hostess, purveyor of food that is guaranteed to survive the apocalypse, has turned its most popular treats into ice cream. Read on to get the scoop on your soon to be favorite flavors.

photo: BusinessWire

Grab your spoons and get ready to kiss that summer body goodbye. Hostess has teamed up with Nestle Dreyers to create a line of frozen treats based on their classic sweets. The Twinkie gets re-invented as the Twinkie Cone, a chocolate-coated waffle cone filled Twinkie flavored ice cream and sprinkled with sponge cake crumbles. It’s pretty much a given that the hockey-puck shaped Ding Dong becomes the world’s greatest ice cream sandwich. But the prize for best upgrade goes to the coconut covered Sno Ball, which is transformed into a pink coconut-covered ice cream bar.

There are also ice cream pints available of the same Twinkie flavored ice cream, and the collection wouldn’t be complete without a fudgey nod to the Hostess Cupcake. With so many options the only question is, how the heck are you going to hide them all from the kids? You might want to invest in a secret freezer.

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